HR Consulting in Sydney

The HR function of a company is a critical component to its success, managing the people that enter the company and equipping them with the tools to execute their role. Like any role, there can be a vast difference between the quality and style of an HR team, which is why a change management consultant in Australia is the best investment a company can make. Learn what is holding you back from your goals and what practises and processes can assist in working toward a more cohesive and professional business output. If facing change and new challenges, Viona Young can work alongside internal HR teams as a change management consultant in Sydney, operating across Australia.

The role of HR consulting in Sydney

If your business has an existing HR team that supports a small or large organisation, you may believe that they are well-equipped to respond and work with all requests. The truth is, even HR teams are subject to top-down organisation change and also need to be guided through to the other side with the tools and techniques required to ensure a positive outcome. Viona Young has years of experience in consulting across industries, leaving teams more unified and engaged than ever as they face new norms and goals. Viona Young offers HR consulting in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and most major cities outside of Sydney, as well as coaching organisations in other countries and time zones.
You can contract Viona to assist in building or improving your business through the following services:

1:1 change management services
Change management for organisations
Strategy and implementation work
Team client coaching

Benefits of hiring an HR consultant

Most companies will have a set of values, but they are often not clear to employees or achievable under the current condition of the business. Viona works as an HR consultant in Sydney to prioritise these concepts and implement constructive standard operating processes. Whether your business is brand new or over twenty years old, Viona will equip your HR team will tools and techniques that will allow your business to thrive and retain or recruit top talent. Working with teams as small as eight and as large as 120,000, Viona brings a creative perspective that challenges the definition of HR. If your business is part of a larger corporation and is bound by certain processes, Viona can localise those components so that they work for your business here and now.
These principles result in an in-depth strategy, organisation development, HR operations, talent acquisition, development coaching and working on the brand and customer.

When does a business need an HR consultancy in Australia?

New or old – any business can benefit from an enhanced HR output. Viona Young has been instrumental in creating lasting value for new businesses at the start of their journey and has also empowered leaders to change course in businesses that have been plateauing. A freelance HR consultant can operate adjacent to the business, making invaluable strides. There is also a great difference in what the ‘problem’ may be, and in some cases, the businesses are unsure of what needs to be overhauled and improved upon.
Contact Viona Young today to discuss your business challenges and let’s tailor a solution together through strategic HR consulting services.