Viona Young takes a refreshing approach to consulting – to share her knowledge, and eventually work her way out of a job. To have her clients say, “thanks for your help, but we’ve got this now”. That’s when she knows the job is done.

Viona Young once said….. “An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest”.

(Ok so that was actually Benjamin Franklin, but she wholeheartedly agrees, and wishes she said it first.)

An example of this, is how VY Consulting is working with Wine Australia to bring their vast collective industry knowledge together, with the sole purpose of sharing to help strengthen all aspects of the industry. Together they have taken open access learning to a new level and providing real access to the best minds in the Australian wine industry, intern giving the category a global advantage and clear point of difference.

The education platform supports individuals and businesses who wish to tailor a more cost-effective option to wine education. It also gives wine schools and educators the tools to better monetise their business, while maintaining the highest industry standards.

The education portal delivers super flexible content that can be used for any audience at any level. Each of the courses can be extended from beginner level, tailored as needed, to include ‘advanced’ sections.

Oh and did we mention it’s free?

This creates opportunities from consumers, who want to know more, to full scale wine related businesses wanting to better train their staff. The platform offers programs tailored to educators with ready built presentations, educator guides and class planning.

That’s why the Wine Australia offering is such a bold and refreshing resource – being open and free of charge to all who wish to access it.

And….. the time will come when Viona has shared all her own knowledge, and will be told her services are no longer needed. And she couldn’t be happier knowing when this day will come.

As long as she has a glass of Australian Wine in her hand of course.

For more information on Wine Australia, or how VY Consulting maybe able to explore options to help bring your brand to life from the inside out contact…..