The modern day classroom can be anywhere you can hold a mobile phone. It’s never been more easy to create and distribute content than right now. This brings a great opportunity in the way we market a brand or category. However this also means we have to compete with everyone else doing the same, trying to win over our attention, add to that multi-screen usage, and we need to be smarter and more appealing than ever, to attract and keep our audience engaged and entertained.

We need to make wine education much more than a classroom experience, and we need to make wine much more accessible. There will always be a place for a classroom environment, but they need to be more interactive, and what we do teach needs to be more enticing, more en pointe, on brand, more visually appealing and able to captivate more interst. ‘Australian Wine Discovered’ (the name of our Wine Australian Education programme) is all of these things, and delivers on the new Australian wine brand message developed by Wine Australia – Made Our Way.

Wine schools can use it to teach programmes (and make money); industry, trade and retail can use it to train team members, and media can use it to educate themselves and create more content for their own platforms. The aim is scale, we want to build the category via understanding and knowledge – to share what makes Australian wine so unique and so fantastic.